Who We Are

We are the leading provider of all-agro products and services in Israel. With the largest, most qualified team of agronomists in the country, growers trust us to help them improve crop performance through our advanced products, solutions and advice.
Building on over 70 years of history and know-how, we continuously conduct trials, adapt products and solutions, while registering new products and labels. Always ahead in agro technology, we collaborate with all related Israeli research institutes and government institutions.
Our business lines include crop protection solutions, premium crop seeds, plant growth regulators, nutrition, biostimulants, and biotech products in partnership with world-class global suppliers.
We also offer professional pest management and home & garden products, remaining on the lookout for new lines and brands to import, develop and distribute in Israel, our home market.


The Products

We’ve Developed

In the past 40 years we have been developing proprietary products and methods for the treatment and care of Cut Flowers, from harvest to the home throughout the entire logistics chain, always at the forefront of technology in the global flower market.
We have a growing international network of distributors and customers and feel proud as we help their businesses bloom.

Focused on

Our Customers

Our solid infrastructure and operational excellence are there to bring our loyal customers and distributors the products they trust to help improve efficiency, yields and quality of produce.

Our Team

All members of our specialized team, the largest in Israel, have the highest qualifications both academic and through years of experience, working closely with our customers every step of the way.
Our All-Agro activity is backed by the uncompromising professionalism of our technical, registration, logistics, marketing, business development, and finance teams, that has made us leaders in Israel.

We are all farmers at heart.

our guiding principles

safety &

integrity &
ethical values


yields & quality

innovation &
advanced solutions

The Gadot Agro


A Bit of History

We’ve Been Around…

From the start, over 70 years ago, Gadot Agro has always been part of Israel Agro-tech evolution.
Hard work and experience across a wide spectrum of activities related to agriculture, combined with
innovative thinking shared with our customers are what makes us different.

And We Keep Growing…

Our portfolio has grown organically as well as through acquisitions. The integration of new categories in crop protection products and solutions, including our entry into the area of Soil Disinfection, enables us to serve a more diverse clientele throughout the entire growing season.

And Growing Some More…

Our seeds division, always part of the Gadot Agro tradition, was further enriched through acquisitions that brought new premium vegetable seeds. The enhanced team of seeds experts now on board with us, work closely with our customers to improve the diversity, quality, productivity, and profitability of their crops.

Building Strong Relationships

Continuous efforts to expand our knowledge base have made our network of global and local players stronger, increasing our capabilities and broadening the range of services we offer.
Through years of cooperation with multiple organizations and government institutions we have built trust and valuable relationships that benefit consumers and the agro Industry as a whole.
We work closely with the Plant Protection and Inspection Services of the Israel Ministry of Agriculture, as well as the Ministries of Environmental Protection and Health, and leading research institutes such as the Agricultural Research Organization—Volcani Center (ARO) and others.
We serve large and small growers, grower associations, municipalities, local governments, and research institutes.

Always Looking Ahead

One of the areas we have been focusing on recently is professional pest management, where we are currently building a new portfolio of products for the control of a wide range of insects and pests.

Our Business Development and Professional teams are actively exploring emerging technologies and market opportunities that will shape the future of agriculture. We wish to bring more products and knowledge into the Israeli market.
We stand on solid footing with our experience, expertise, and customer base, always ready to launch new alternatives to help farmers reach their goals efficiently, responsibly, and sustainably.

A Bit Of History
Building Strong Relationships
Always Looking Ahead