Premium Seeds


We have a long tradition in this area, helping farmers sow the seeds of success.
Over 1,200 farmers buy our seeds directly.
We sell some of the world’s highest quality brands:
Pioneer, Agrico, Bejo, Crookham, Fitó Semillas, Takii, Pop Vriend, Ag Alumni Seed, among others.
Our portfolio includes over 250 mainstream and niche varieties of more than 50 different crops such as carrots, fennel, kohlrabi, sweet corn, eggplant, beans, rootstock, popcorn, silage corn, potatoes, watermelon, herbs, and many more.
We never stop searching for new unique varieties to enrich the colorful repertoire of the modern Israeli culinary scene.

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Crop Protection Solutions

Pesticides, adjuvants, oils, soil disinfection solutions, seed treatments, and a range of organic and ecological products

Gadot Flower Care

Making your cut flower business bloom with our own range of advanced products and solutions

Plant Growth Regulators

Optimizing quality, performance and crop yields 

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