Crop Protection Solutions


We are a leading supplier of crop protection products including fungicides, insecticides, acaricides, herbicides, bactericides, and nematicides in Israel. We also supply adjuvants, oils, and soil disinfection solutions for a wide range of crops and their varieties. We strive to share our extensive knowledge with all growers.
Gadot Agro is also active in the area of Seed Treatments (dressing, coating, and pelleting) and we are constantly looking to expand our portfolio.
We aim to be at the vanguard of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) initiatives, fostering responsible, sustainable agriculture for the future.
As part of our approach to IPM, we work together with our organic agro customers to develop new apt certified products and biological soft solutions.

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Premium Seeds

Seeds for premium crop varieties

Gadot Flower Care

Making your cut flower business bloom with our own range of advanced products and solutions

Plant Growth Regulators

Optimizing quality, performance and crop yields 

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