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Enhancing Crop Performance

Integrated Pest Management Promoting Sustainability!

Integrated Pest Management
Promoting Sustainability!

Caring for Flowers Around the World

Caring for Flowers
Around the World

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For decades, our team of agronomists has been offering growers in Israel a rounded agritech approach to optimizing crop performance through innovative products and solutions. Growers know they can count on us when embarking on new initiatives. When facing any problems, we are the first number they dial. Close relationships of years combined with deep expertise and knowledge, have made us market leaders.


We Never Stop Searching

We are always looking for pioneering products, technologies, and applications together with our business partners and in cooperation with government and research institutions. That’s how we bring our customers the most advanced solutions, with the support they need to ensure successful implementation.


Trials and Label Registration

Multiple trials are always going on at Gadot Agro to provide more effective targeted treatments for each crop variety, phenological stage, pathogen, or any other objective, a process that goes hand in hand with new and extended product registration.

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Our areas of activity


Crop Protection Solutions

Pesticides, adjuvants, oils, soil disinfection solutions, seed treatments, and a range of organic and ecological products


Premium Seeds

Seeds for premium crop varieties


Gadot Flower Care

Making your cut flower business bloom with our own range of advanced products and solutions


Plant Growth Regulators

Optimizing quality, performance and crop yields 


Plant Nutrition And Biostimulants

Specialty fertilizers, organic nutrition solutions and leading bio-stimulants


Gadot Garden

Home and Garden—We’ve got them covered!



We have developed a line of Cut Flower Care products and solutions, serving the entire chain in the flower industry—from farm to vase—Growers, Flower Traders, Retailers, and Flower Lovers around the world.
Our export activity is always backed by the reliable service and professional guidance of our experienced agronomists.
We do all we can to spread Israeli agro knowhow globally through an expanding network of loyal distributors and customers.
We cover the main flower producing countries like the Netherlands, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Kenya, Ethiopia, China, Vietnam, Italy, and are continuously looking for new markets.


Our Expert Agronomists

The largest team of academically qualified, experienced agronomists in Israel—
always close to our customers, growers and distributors, providing advice and product support to help them meet new challenges.


Social Responsibility

Besides business, we at Gadot Agro do all we can to contribute to the community and society we live in.

As we believe everyone deserves to work with dignity, some of our production and packaging jobs are done through organizations running occupational rehabilitation programs for people with physical or mental disabilities.

We support various NGO’s through donations, events, or special projects.

We also donate seeds and set up plots for various purposes at educational institutions.


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